A Better Country

“But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country” (Hebrews 11:16)

One of the issues which has dominated British politics over recent years is immigration, both legal and illegal. In terms of legal immigration, critics of Brexit sought to portray leave voters as xenophobes who wanted to raise the drawbridge to those who desired to enter our country. In reality, most supporters of Brexit simply wanted the freedom to implement immigration policies suitable for our own country. The EU ideal of the free movement of people no longer found sufficient support. A new system was preferred – a points based system – which swapped low skilled EU migrants for high skilled migrants drawn from throughout the world. As expected, movement from the EU has since fallen and migration from elsewhere in the world has significantly increased.

The issue of illegal immigration was brought to the fore two years ago when a prominent politician recorded boatloads of migrants crossing the English Channel illegally in the hope of claiming asylum. Most of them appear to be undocumented young men. It came to light that many of the boats were escorted by the French into British waters, and, in turn, the British government were failing to implement our own border controls. This has left Britain wide open to illegal immigration and has encouraged many to attempt the perilous journey across the Channel. These journeys are generally facilitated by criminal gangs in overcrowded dinghies which are highly unsuitable for the voyage. Sadly, many lives have been lost in attempting to make this treacherous crossing. This issue, which was initially ignored by the mainstream media, has now become a very visible problem. This has been particularly highlighted by the British government’s proposal to deter crossings by sending illegal migrants to Rwanda for processing.

It is strange that there are many living in Britain today who seek to decry everything about British culture and heritage, whilst on the other hand many throughout the rest of the world see things quite differently. Many are willing to risk their lives to reach our shores, considering Britain, in their estimation, a better country.  

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