Books In Brief – The Path of True Godliness

Parallel to English Puritanism and the Scottish Second Reformation, there was a movement in the Netherlands called the Dutch Further Reformation (1600-1784). The reformed faith which was newly discovered in the Netherlands in the 1540’s and 1550’s was already fading by the late 16th century, as children began to take their parents and grandparents faith for granted, as a coldness crept into the Church. The Lord raised up a number of ministers, who felt a great burden due to the backsliding of the Dutch church, and were used of the Lord to stir up the people during this period. The Dutch Further Reformation moved the backsliding Reformed Church from mere Doctrine, to applying these truths to a reformation in life and practice.

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Books In Brief – Gospel Worship

Jeremiah Burroughs was a 17th century Puritan minister, who is as little known today as the subject he deals with in this recently republished title. “Gospel Worship” is considered by some to be Burroughs greatest work. God alone determines the manner in which we ought to approach Him, a truth which needs to be rediscovered by much of the modern day church.

This work doesn’t deal specifically with the form of worship in relation to sung praise, rather with the hearing of the Word, receiving the Lord’s Supper and Prayer.

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Books In Brief – Aspects of the Religious History of Lewis

Aspects of the Religious History of Lewis has long been out of print, with copies occasionally found on the second-hand market. It was written by Rev Murdo Macaulay, Free Church Minister in Back, after his retirement in 1975. The book gives an account of the history of the Christian faith on the Isle of Lewis from earliest times up to 1843, an Island that has experienced much by the way of Gospel blessings over many years.

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